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Our Mission and Goals

The Eden Project: Where Style Meets Sustainability

The Eden and The Eboo, our flagship products, represent the perfect blend of functionality and style. Crafted from sustainable and recyclable Bamboo, these indoor vertical aeroponic gardens are designed to enhance any living space. They not only produce hyper-local, crisp greens but have also successfully grown tomatoes and cucumbers all year round. Beyond aesthetics, The Eden Project embodies sustainability, with a low carbon footprint, minimal operating costs, and a promise to reduce reliance on traditional grocery store chains.


Supporting Local Production and Community Growth

Based in Puslinch, Ontario, Eden Aeroponics is committed to supporting local manufacturing and sustainability initiatives. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is a pivotal step in making this innovative technology accessible to a wider audience. By raising funds and scaling up production locally, we aim to foster community growth and encourage eco-friendly practices.


Participate in Our Food Banks Program

Backers of our Indiegogo campaign can enjoy exclusive perks, including discounted prices on The Eboo and The Eden. Moreover, contributors have the opportunity to participate in our food bank program. We plan to place and maintain The Eboo in food banks, starting in Guelph and expanding across Ontario. Imagine these units in every food bank, group home, women's shelter, and seniors' center, empowering communities with access to fresh, locally grown produce.


A Collaborative Community Effort

The Eden Project's journey has been a testament to the power of community collaboration. From supportive neighbors to retired industrial designers, university professors, and innovation centers like Conestoga Smart Innovation Centre, people have joined hands to support our mission. We invite backers to not only contribute financially but also become a part of our vibrant community.


Making an Impact, One Small Step at a Time

While The Eboo may not single-handedly save the world, it represents a small but crucial step towards a more sustainable future. We believe that collective efforts, each person making one small contribution, can lead to significant positive change.


Facing Challenges with Determination

Our journey has had its fair share of challenges, but we approach them with unwavering determination. As Dan Atkinson aptly puts it, "Success is just getting up one more time than you fall." We are prepared to tackle any hurdles that come our way, from pandemics and supply chain disruptions to the unexpected and the unknown.


Join Us in Cultivating Sustainability

Eden Aeroponics invites individuals who share our passion for sustainability to join our Indiegogo campaign. By supporting us, backers become early adopters and play a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint and promoting locally-grown produce.


Other Ways to Help

For those unable to contribute financially, there are still meaningful ways to support our cause. By sharing our campaign with friends and communities, backers can help us reach a wider audience and create a lasting impact.

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